Professional Vehicles

Government employees, but also construction workers, DIYer or window cleaners benefit from a strong battery. You want to be able to work careless from the start of your working day to the last moments of the day. With Voltium Energy® you don’t have to worry about the amount of  power your battery has left.

Voltium Energy® also offers a diverse range of batteries for use in buses or trucks. One or more batteries, you decide the setup yourself. Our LiFePO4 batteries are robust and easy to use, partly due to our Bluetooth App®.

Voltium Energy® Transport and professional vehicles
Voltium Energy® Transport and recreational vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

In addition to professional use, our batteries also have many advantages for recreational users. RV, mobile homes, but also for off-grid systems with solar panels. Voltium Energy® strives for high quality, but at the same time accessible for private use.

In Voltium Energy® you’ll find a battery that is lightweight, but performs powerfully and discharges deeper than lead acid. With our Outdoor BatteryBox you literally have the power in your hand.

Electric Vehicles

Whether you drive a bus, RV, golf cart, (mobility) scooter or any other electric vehicle. Voltium Energy® offers a LiFePO4 battery for any distance depending on the space which is available, you can connect four batteries in serie or parallel. 

With our Bluetooth® app you can always check the current status of your battery, so you’ll never run out of power!

Voltium Energy® for Mobility golfcart

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