Voltium Energy® Outdoor BatteryBox 12,8V 125Ah + 20Ah

Voltium Energy® Outdoor BatteryBox 12,8V 125Ah + 20Ah

  • Perfect for outdoor use like fishing and boating
  • SMART BMS with Bluetooth® connection
  • Very robust, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Rechargeable with a (portable) solar panel
  • Extra 20Ah battery and output for your fishfinder

General info

The Voltium Energy® LiFePO4 Outdoor BatteryBox VE-OBB-12125/20 is, among other things, suitable for the electric motor of an electric boat and is widely used in fishing. In addition, the BatteryBox can be used excellently for various cyclical applications and has an extremely long lifespan. With the APP function, suitable for both Android and IOS, the battery status can be read in real time via your smartphone.

The built-in electronics (BMS) has various protections such as; deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, balances the cells, temperature protection. These protections ensure a longer service life and reliability.

The VE-OBB-12125/20 is lightweight, robust, easy to move and has various connections. With these qualities, the BatteryBox is of course perfectly suited for outdoor use!

Variety of connections to the Voltium Energy® Outdoor BatteryBox 12,8V 125Ah + 20Ah:

  • Anderson connector for the electric motor
  • Anderson connector for the fish finder
  • 12v cigarette plug
  • Dual USB port


Each connection is fitted with a fuse. So you can always safely connect your equipment to the Voltium Energy® BatteryBox


Applicable to

The Voltium Energy® Outdoor BatteryBox 12,8V 125Ah + 20Ah is, among other markets, suited for the applications below. For more information about a specific application in relation to this product, you can click on one of the icons.

Download the
Voltium Energy app

With our Bluetooth® app, you can view and monitor the current status of your LiFePO4 battery!


General Specifications

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