SuperPower to take you anywhere you want

What kind of sailor are you? Are you going for a long trip far away from home to the most beautiful and idyllic places? Or a one day trip to a harbor nearby, maybe fishing or just enjoying the nice weather? It doesn’t matter which destination you choose, you’ll need a strong reliable battery. 

Long Lasting SuperPower isn’t for no reason. With Voltium Energy® you always find the battery suited for every trip.

Voltium Energy® for Marine and Yachting

Optimal Energy for every boat

Freedom is key. Do you experience freedom when you drive in your car towards the water with your boat on the trailer? With Voltium Energy® and our Bluetooth app you have the battery you need and all the information within reach for a perfect fishing trip or a just a day on the water.

Do you own a large yacht full of sophisticated and luxury equipment? Voltium Energy® provides strong and safe LiFePO4 batteries which can be connect in serie or parallel so you always have enough power on board. Stop worrying and start enjoying your well-earned lifestyle.

Elevate your sailing adventures: A customer's story!

Embarking on a journey towards enhanced sailing, a customer recently equipped their electric sloop with four Voltium Energy® 12.8V 150Ah LiFePO4 batteries, forming an impeccable 48V system. The reason behind this choice is simple yet profound – Voltium Energy® batteries represent reliable, long lasting power.

Seamlessly navigating waters, these batteries ensure a worry-free trip, from relaxed day cruises to ambitious voyages. With a focus on efficiency, these batteries advocate eco-friendly sailing without compromising performance. 

The four batteries are charged individually with one charger, the Voltium Energy® SuperCharge 4-Bank charger, so that the entire system is always in balance!

Voltium Energy® LiFePO4 lithium battery for Electric Sloop

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