A reliable solution for the medical industry

At Voltium Energy® we understand the demand for safe, high quality and reliable energy solutions in the medical industry. When lives depend on medical equipment, the importance of a reliable battery solution cannot be underestimated.

Our Voltium Energy® LiFePO4 batteries meet those needs and can be used as direct power for that equipment or as a backup power solution.

Voltium Energy® for Medical
Voltium Energy® for Medical cart and monitor

Batteries for medical carts

Medical carts, also known as nurse stations, are essential in the day-to-day operations of hospitals, medical facilities or providing home care.

Selecting the most suitable battery to power your medial cart is an important step in providing the best patient care possible. With the right power solution you are able to increase the run time and extend the durability and mobility of your medical cart.

With our wide range of batteries, we can always offer the right solution for your application.

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