Peace of mind wherever you go

A reliable power solution is a must when travellig with your RV and will give you peace of mind wherever you go in the world. Voltium Energy® LiFePO4 batteries will offer just that for a long period of time. 

Since in your RV pretty much all electric devices are powered by the battery, it is important to have sufficient power supply. With Voltium Energy® you’ll never run out of power for your electric devices, such as the water heater, television and refrigerator.

We provide the power so you can enjoy the comfort when travelling!

Voltium Energy® Transport and recreational vehicles

Wherever you go, we've got you covered

Our batteries are lightweight, maintenance-free and can be mounted in every direction. Do you have a solar system to charge your batteries? With our collection up to 300Ah you are able to go completely off grid. Long Lasting SuperPower will always be within reach!

Whether you are traveling to a warm destination or going on a winter sports trip, Voltium Energy® batteries offer the comfort you are looking for. The CONNECTSERIES” batteries are equipped with a heating module which is perfect for the colder environments.

Do you ever go on a fishing trip? We’ve got you covered too!

Compatible with other power supply equipment

Voltium Energy® batteries are fully compatible with power supply equipment from other brands such as Victron Energy, Xenteq and Mastervolt providing an efficient and seamless power solution.

For example, when integrated with Victron Energy equipment, which includes inverters, charge controllers, and monitoring systems, Voltium Energy batteries ensure optimal performance and reliable power supply.

The compatibility between these two brands enables users to effectively manage their energy systems, store excess energy efficiently, and access stored power whenever needed.

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