Never run out of Power

At Voltium Energy® we offer reliable energy solutions for a variety of events and exhibitions. With our lifepo4 batteries you have endless possibilities. Not only do they have a long service life, but they can be discharged more deeply than comparable lead-acid batteries.

It doesn’t matter how much power you need, with our Voltium Energy® batteries you’ll never run out of power.

Voltium Energy® the perfect partner for exhibition
Voltium Energy® the perfect partner for events

Portable SuperPower

Voltium Energy® batteries are light weight and with our BatteryBox we offer SuperPower in a box. Bring your own power wherever you need it. Our firm boxes comes with two Anderson connectors, a 12v cigarette plug and a dual USB port and are available in a lot variations.

Don’t use unnecessary cables and grab our BatteryBox for portable power.

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