Safe and efficient storage of energy

Clean energy is the magic word. Therefore, solar and wind energy are one of the main ways to generate efficient and clean energy.

Whether you want to store this energy on your boat, recreational vehicle, holiday house or your home, our LiFePO4 batteries are a reliable and safe solution.

Voltium Energy® for Energy Storage for Solar Energy
Voltium Energy® for Energy Storage and Offgrid life

Everything to live offgrid

Experience freedom at its very best! For example, one of our customers who lives in Guyana (South America), lives completely off grid. He and his family rely on a standalone solar energy solution to generate the energy they need.

With the help of our high quality and safe LiFePO4 batteries they can store and enjoy their self-generated solar energy in a high efficient way whenever they need. In this case, the customer has opted for sufficient storage capacity with 2x a 12,8V 200Ah battery.

Wherever you go, we've got you covered​

Reliable and safe energy for the moments you need it the most!

Voltium Energy® for Energy Storage and Offgrid life Outdoor

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