Unlimited SuperPower on the water

Getting your boat out of the bus and heading out there on the water is just a unique feeling of freedom. Whether you go fishing for a day or going on a long fishing trip, you want to experience that same feeling when it comes to your power supply. 

With our Voltium Energy® LiFePO4 batteries in the Outdoor BatteryBox you make sure that your outboard engine and other electric equipment, such as your fishfinder, will never run out of power. 

Therefore a must have for every angler!

Voltium Energy Outdoor BatteryBox in boat on the water
Voltium Energy Outdoor BatteryBox in France

Whatever you do, we've got you covered

Whether you go carp fishing on your boat or hunt for that big catfish on your bellyboat. At Voltium Energy® we understand that you don’t want to worry about anything other than your catch.

With our Outdoor BatteryBox you have the option to expand it with an extra small battery for your fishfinder. As a result, your fishfinder will not interfere as soon as you use the electric motor. 

To make sure everything is safe, all connections in the Outdoor BatteryBox are secured with a fuse. With Voltium Energy® you can go fishing with peace of mind!

The ultimate solution for endless power

Lightweight, robust and easy to move around. With a variety of options in size, capacity and connections, the Voltium Energy® Outdoor BatteryBox is very versatile. With the built-in Bluetooth® function you can easily monitor the battery status on your phone. 

As an extra feature, it is possible to charge the Outdoor BatteryBox with our foldable solar panels so that you never run out of power on your fishing trip.

In short, the Outdoor BatteryBox offers you the ultimate power solution on the water, so you can fully focus on catching the big fish!

Voltium Energy Outdoor BatteryBox Family

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