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Find out all the benefits yourself. Voltium Energy® is often used in mobility scooters or professional electric vehicles. You can discharge our LiFePO4 batteries more deeply then any lead acid battery. It’s because of this you can drive more kilometers then you were used to. 

The batteries are the most light weighted battery technology on the market. Standing somewhere without power is history, because of our Bluetooth App you won’t be surprised anymore.

Voltium Energy® for Mobility cart
Voltium Energy® for Mobility golfcart

Electric vehicles are the future

The lifecycle of LiFePO4 is much bigger then lead acid. Therefor LifePO4 is on the long term financially a better choice. Depending on the space which is available, you can connect four batteries in serie or parallel. 

Are you questioning if you’ve enough power left when you’re out for a drive? No reason for panic, because interim charging is no problem.

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