Voltium Energy® SuperCharge 2-Bank IP67 | 12V 20A

Voltium Energy® SuperCharge 2-Bank IP67 | 12V 20A

  • Charge 2 batteries at the same time
  • Over Current protection
  • Over Voltage protection
  • 0V Start functionality for deeply discharged batteries
  • Reverse polarity protection


General info

The Voltium Energy® SuperCharge IP67 Waterproof 2-bank battery charger is specifically designed to charge 12V LiFePO4, Lead acid, and AGM batteries. This charger enhances battery life and reliability through its built-in protection features. It can charge in serial connected 12V batteries (of same the model) to full capacity for a balanced battery setup or simultaneously charge various 12V batteries.

Download the
Voltium Energy app

With our Bluetooth® app, you can view and monitor the current status of your LiFePO4 battery!


General Specifications

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