Voltium Energy® foldable Solar Panel 100W + PWM controller

Voltium Energy® foldable Solar Panel 100W + PWM controller

  • Easily charge your battery and never run out of power
  • Easy to carry and use wherever you want
  • Waterproof solar panel
  • PWM controller that automatically sets itself


General info

The Voltium Energy® foldable Solar Panel 100W is ideal for keeping your batteries charged when charging points are not available. If the battery is not used, you can click the solar panel onto your battery so that it can be gradually charged. Good solar yield is of course important and you do this by placing the panel at a good angle to the sun as much as possible. If that is not possible, the waterproof panel can also function properly if it is laid flat on the floor.

Our expert panel’s experience is that if you always connect the panel to your Voltium Energy® battery or Outdoor BatteryBox, when you are not sailing, you no longer need to charge the battery with a normal charger. Very useful if you are somewhere for a long period where you have no mains power available. Of course you need a little help from the sun 😉

Download the
Voltium Energy app

With our Bluetooth® app, you can view and monitor the current status of your LiFePO4 battery!


General Specifications

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