Voltium Energy® Battery Equalizer VE-BE24-3

Voltium Energy® Battery Equalizer VE-BE24-3

  • The equalizer can equalize battery systems with a voltage of 24V, 36V, 48V and more
  • Using the equalizer increase the battery life
  • Using the equalizer increase the discharge capacity
  • Works during charge and discharge


General info

The Voltium Energy® Equalizer VE-BE24-3 can be used for multiple 12V batteries which are connected in series to equalize the battery voltage. The equalizer is suitable for LiFePO4, Gel and AGM Lead Acid batteries.

When two or more series-connected batteries are in charging, discharging or free status, voltage differences may occur. This means that one battery voltage is high and the other low. The battery equalizer will equalize/balance the battery voltage when it detects a difference of 20mV between the two batteries. It will shunt current from the high voltage battery to the low voltage battery until the voltage is almost balanced. This process will improve the performance and extend the life time of the batteries.

The Voltium Energy® Battery Equalizer can be used for 24V, 36V, 48V and any other N*12V battery system.

  • 1 Battery Equalizer for 24V system;
  • 2 Battery Equalizers for 36V system;
  • 3 Battery Equalizers or 1 VE-BE48 Battery Equalizer for 48V system;
  • Etc.

Download the
Voltium Energy app

With our Bluetooth® app, you can view and monitor the current status of your LiFePO4 battery!


General Specifications

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